Monday, 29 November 2010

Hey again

Long time no see, eh? Sorry i've not been on in a while, been a bit busy. Kept meaning to come on. It has been snowing like mad the last couple of days. We got snowed in today, so I thought I would update here. We have been having a phenomenon up here called thundersnow, where there is thunder and lightning, but with a blizzard instead of rain. It was really strange. Anyway, I've lately been listening to the Doors concerto, by Jaz Coleman and Kennedy, and it is amazingly beautiful. I wish I could write music like that. I have to invent some contrasting pieces for music this year, and it's just so hard. I managed to get a reasonable sounding piece for the first part, but now I have a week to finish off a 20th century serialist piece and I hate it. I can't do it. I mean I am trying my best and I have something down, but how can you write something, when you don't even like the general style of music. Mine sounds horrible, and I can't get any sense to come out of the rabble of noise. Everything is based around note rows, so every note has to be in order, and I can't just add one in if it sounds nice. Anyway a few days away from it all would be nice if the snow stays, but we'll see.

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