Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hey Everyone

Hi guys. First log in to my new blog. I'm Tigereye.
I love writing, especially poetry, so I thought i would give you a little piece to start us off. I called it Drowning.

I jumped into the water a while ago,
Spluttering, coughing,
A weight pulls me down,
And I struggle against it.
The bottom too far below
For me to get any support,
Solid ground too far away
For me to reach
The wieght pulls,
I pull,
It pulls.
I can only stay afloat for as long as possible
And hope to be saved
By that one who will piece together my shattered heart
And give me something to fight for,
Because I am drowning in tears
And death stands at my front door,
And yet,
I know he cannot take me too.

What do you think? Don't worry, they aren't all depressing. That was just one of my favourites that I have written so far. Anyway, hopefully Moonlit Summers isn't all going to be about poetry. I'll probably put up some thoughts on random subjects as time goes by. I'll try and update soon. Bye for now.

1 comment:

  1. I imagine it speaks of what you were feeling at the time of writing, giving away enough to be ambiguous yet clear that there was pain going on.