Monday, 8 November 2010

Busy days?

Busy day today? Sure was up here anyway. The place was buzzing and everybody was running around like headless chickens half the time. I can't figure out the concentration of ammonium molybdate I need for chemistry, though biology seems to be getting off good. Reprographics has my fiddle music. I need to think of base ideas for bag design and learn about my chosen designers for art. Dear me. Hardly time to stop and rest. Dunno what happened to the pigeons though, and the seagulls too. Tool this bus through town and there wasn't a single one in sight. Hmm...
Anyway, musings later. Poetry now.
This one is Fire and Water and was inspired by a picture I found on the Internet. Everything is connected. Don't worry if you don't understand the first time, it is meant to haves different meaning to people.

Little Flame against blank wall.
Oh, beauty!
The spark of power,
A wave of calm.
Lighting up dreary darkness and shutting out the fears,
Ruby red and cobalt blue.
And life goes on,
Like a cloud on the horizon,
Mysterious, and obvious,
As fast as the wind can carry it.
There is beauty in a flame,
And wisdom in a raindrop,
And if only one but listens very carefully,
A whim of a whisper may reach out.
Water and fire.
Water destroys fire destroys water.
Water creates fire creates water.
Both eternally linked.
And somewhere in the clouds,
An angel sings.


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