Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bento experiment, last weekend before class starts

In my glass: tropical squash (or diluting juice as we call it in my family)
From my iPod: Last NaNo's Novel-writing playlist (trying to find inspiration for this years plot, in case I turn into a lunatic and decide to do it this year)
From my bookshelf: Nothing
Outside: cloudy
My mood: tired
Today's hairstyle:down most of the day, up in a cinnabun now since I was getting too hot


So I've been sitting at my computer typing out that article (and discovering articles are really not my thing) and trying to sort out a plot for November. Sadly, this year, my plot is finding itself to be much more elusive than last year, so much so that I'm still working on finishing all the chapters in last years novel. I guess part of it is that I want all the loose ends tied up, and when you're already writing, the plot bunnies seem to multiply.
Maybe I just need to start writing new stuff again. A lot of my works in progress are losing their momentum, because theres nothing fresh coming into my folio. I used to put poetry up here, but a lot of the stuff that is left is rather dark and dreary stuff I wrote during my not-so-good times. Now that things are better for now, I'd much rather be posting stuff that matches my mood. Happy poetry is unusually difficult to write though.

In terms of the bento box idea I mentioned yesterday, I put together a simple box. I think I have a bit of work to do. I definitely need to work on the rice. Hot, it was nice, but cold, not so much. Its seemed kind of stodgy. I think next time, I'll try a different lettuce. the iceberg tasted kind of bitter for some reason. don't know why, since it was a new one. The butternut-squash-cheese ball was gooooood, though I think it could have been even better with a crunchy shell, maybe a breadcrumb coating, lightly fried. The omelette-squash wrap was good too, but the squash tasted a bit bland. I might try boiling some of my veggies with a stock cube or something. Or maybe puree it and add some spices before wrapping it. Hmm - things to think about. It's going to be a week and a half before I can pick up my first veg bag since I've still to sign up, so I have time to think about things and try them out.
I must admit though, I loved the colour, and as small as it looks when you pack the food, it does fill you up pretty quickly.

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