Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Can't wait for payday...

I broke. I'm dipping into my savings again, and I hate it. Thankfully, I know I have a big paycheck coming up, but I so wish it would come sooner.
So I dipped into my savings to book all my bus journeys for the weekend. All three of them. I'm buying the two train tickets on top once my pay comes in. Its going to be a busy weekend.

Tonight is the OTC talent show :D I won't be drinking (no money, remember?), or performing, but I think it'll be great fun just to go and enjoy it. Its to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, so its going to be a good night, for a good cause. Looking forward to it.
 (PS. the guy from the earlier posts - still a douchebag)

Anyway, this weekend is truly jam-packed. I have a lecture on friday morning, followed by a couple of hours at the gym (which I'm totally loving, by the way), then a chemistry workshop, hopefully followed by enough time to grab my stuff, head into town, buy some new bras and a dress for saturday (because being at the gym means nothing fits me anymore) then get the bus to Perth. Stay overnight in Perth, and get the early morning bus to Glasgow, have an all day band practice, then get a train to Gleneagles, somehow get from there to my sister's place and head out to a ball with her and her husband, stay at hers overnight, then back to Glasgow for another band practice, then a late bus home to Aberdeen on Sunday. Phew. I'm going to be shattered on Monday. Thank goodness I only have 2 lectures on Monday.

On the subject of clothes, as touched on there; there is one outcome from running and weight-training that is perhaps not so welcomed as the other advantages (because I'm doing it to increase in general fitness, stamina, speed, and upper-body strength - not for weight loss) and that is that I'm totally changing shape and size. I now need a belt on my jeans that I used to have love-handles hanging over. My 30 band bras are not tight enough anymore, and tightening the strap to the last hook means I have a bit of a "quad-boob" going on, meaning that my band size is getting smaller, but my bust is either staying the same, but looking bigger, or actually are getting bigger (probably thanks to the chest-presses, as well as the fact that most people in my family seemed to be late developers). I think I might just about drop down dead if this means I become a 28D. Not even the speciality stores around here hold 28 band sizes in store.
Also, my size 8 dresses are gaping a bit, especially around the waist, shoulders and, remarkably, the bust. (because they don't sit right thanks to the straps because of my narrow, ultra-sloping and low-set shoulders - remarkably the strapless dresses are fine, just too big everywhere else)

Yeah, clothes rant over.

Mainly I'm just looking forward to putting back the money I took out of my savings. Because whats the point on having savings, if you're not actually saving them?

My three-hour long lecture today was on the subject of hunting and the rituals often associated with it. It was very interesting actually, but my thoughts on that can wait until another time - I have to write a piece for a couple of weeks time, so I might address that after thats all marked and done with. It was mainly based around the Inuit beliefs and traditions with regards to hunting, but also touched on some controversial issues, primarily fox-hunting. Another post for another day.

Jumping about a bit, again. My brain won't function very well today. I am in some desperte need of a good long sleep. See you all soon.

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